unexpected life changes


Less than a month ago, I found out I’m losing my job in March. Talk about a major what-the-fuck moment. Initially, I was numb, then angry, confused and sad about the whole thing. I gave 8 years of my life to this company, and now I was being kicked to the curb. This whole experience quickly became a blessing in disguise, and I suddenly refused to be sad about losing my job; in fact, I was happy as a pig in shit.

Did I love my job? Fuck no. So why was I staying at this job? The people. And honestly, that’s not a good enough reason to stay in any job. The Universe had given me what I desperately wanted; a way out of my current job and the opportunity to go after what I wanted.

What do I really want? I want to be a digital content creator, which is a fancy name for Blogger/YouTuber/Podcaster etc. I’m creative as fuck and working a desk job, pushing papers just isn’t for me. And to be honest, I’ve wanted this for years but was too afraid to admit it to anyone.

So what’s the whole point of this post? Well, it’s to remind you that sometimes life gives you exactly what you need at the most unexpected time. Major life changes can be tough, but if you stay positive, you can turn lemons into lemonade. I encourage everyone to take the time and figure out what YOU really want and then go out and live the life of your dreams!

I’d love to know how you have handled unexpected life changes – tell me below!

xo Lara



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