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Spring is the time of year when your footwear tends to get lighter to accommodate the warmer weather yet this year I’ve seen numerous fashion and style blogs promoting over-the-knee boots for springtime.

Perhaps I’m late on a trend, but I associate riding and over-the-knee boots with winter and fall, not spring. When I think spring footwear I go for ballet flats, espadrilles, peep toe shoes, ankle cut booties, and so on.

So seeing fashion bloggers prancing around in over-the-knee boots makes me go hmm….

I love individual style, so I’m not knocking wearing these type of boots in the spring I’m just opening up the floor for discussion.

If you are looking to rock boots this spring here are some of my tips to keep you looking seasonable and fashionable!

1. Gravitate towards lighter colored boots like camel, light grey, beige, white and stay away from black and dark brown boots.

2. Choose for booties over higher cut boot styles like over-the-knee, mid-calf, and riding.

3. Pick booties that have a cut-out, peep-toe, lace-up or fringe details. These features scream spring/summer style.

Here are some of my spring boot picks!

       spring boots

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What style of boots are your favorite for spring?

xo, Lara

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