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The Eve Lom cleanser is an iconic product that any beauty obsessed woman has been curious to try. I was one of those women and the main reason I was so hesitant to try the Eve Lom Cleanser was the price point. A cleanser that costs $80 for 3.3oz’s of product is not a purchase one makes lightly. Personally, I like higher end beauty products but I always do a ton of research prior to purchase, which is something I definitely suggest.


The Eve Lom Cleanser (ELC let’s go with that for short) is a balmy, waxy consistency with tiny granules for exfoliation. The cleanser spreads and melts easily into the skin. ELC contains Egyptian Chamomile Oil to soothe and soften the skin, Eucalyptus Oil to decongest the skin, Clove Oil for antibacterial effect, and Hops Oil to tone the skin. It’s recommended to use the ELC only once a day at night for normal to dry skin and twice a day morning and night for oil/combination skin types. Having dry skin I only use this cleanser at night. I don’t see this cleanser as an AM cleanser regardless of skin type – the steps recommended to use this cleanser take time and don’t work with most people’s time crunched mornings.

This cleanser gets an A+ in my book. I love everything about this cleanser from the eucalyptus smell to the consistency and application to the way my skin feels post wash. For me skincare especially at night is a ritual. I like to take my time and perfect my routine. If your a scrub and go kinda girl, this cleanser is not for you. Even though the suggested usage for this cleanser is pretty detailed it can be tailored down to fit any type for routine, in my opinion.


It’s recommended to massage a small amount of product over makeup covered skin. Next take the Muslin Cloth (the cleanser comes with one) run under hot water and rinse, then hold over the face and neck for 25 seconds. Repeat this step two more times. Then, rinse the muslin cloth under hot water, folding the cloth. Take the folded cloth and movie it in circular motions on your face and neck. Finally, take cloth rinse in cold water and hold over face.


I’ve used the cleanser performing the above steps and I do like the routine; it’s relaxing and spa like. For everyday use it’s a little much, especially on late nights where I’m exhausted and barely have the energy to wash my face.


I use  this cleanser by first remove eye makeup with makeup removing wipes then using the cleanser on my face. I’ve had some left over eye makeup when I don’t remove it pre-cleanse even with this cleanser. Then, I use a wash cloth to remove the balmy cleanser from my skin, I insist on using the circular motion technique – it helps exfoliate and remove all traces of the product and makeup.  Also, while I  initially purchased the Eve Lom Muslin Cloths to use with the cleanser, I don’t think they are a must have, a wash cloth works just as well at a fraction of the cost.

Overall, this is a cleanser that is worth giving a try and is worth the price point – it lasts forever and makes your skincare routine more luxurious and simplified at the same time.

xo, Lara Sophia

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