the Monotonous Manicure

We’ve all gotten stuck in nail rut whether it’s done purposely or unknowingly. As humans we like consistency and being able to count on something.  Sometimes we purposely stick to nail polish shades, hair styles, or makeup styles that we are most comfortable with. The problem with this is, we then get stuck in a world of monotony that’s hard to break free from.

Currently I’m in a nail rut just out pure convenience.  I’m trying to save some money by forgoing salon manicures and I’m too lazy and impatient to wait for certain nail polish colors to dry so I’m left with a monotonous manicure.

My nail rotation has not changed for a good month in a half. Every Sunday, I pull out the same OPI Nail Envy  Strengthener, OPI Bubble Bath, and Sally Hanson Diamond Flash Top Coat as well as my clippers and file and go town on the digits.

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The point of this post isn’t to say forgo your tried and true favorites but to hopefully inspire you to on occasion break the mold. Try to incorporate new colors into your manicure routine to change things up because you never know your next favorite manicure color could be right in front of you but you’ve been too scared to try.

Breaking free of the monotonous manicure tips:

1. Switch up shades. If you love reds – change it up by switching to another shade of red. For example if you love Cherry Reds try an Orange Red or Candy Apple Red instead. Stay within the same color family but expand within the shade range so you’re experimenting but not stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


2. Layer some glitter. A quick way to change up your manicure is to add some glitter. Sparkles are a great way to shake things up in a fun, easy way with endless options.


3. Add an accent nail. Accent nails are all the trend and can easily be done by painting one or two nails with a different shade of nail polish – this highlights different nails and brings some fun to your manicure.


How do you switch up your manicure routine?

xo, Lara Sophia

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