Superb Street Style: Neon

Welcome to Superb Street Style, our new series on Every week we will be taking a trend and showing you how the best street style mavens are wearing that trend.

“She’s always buzzing just like neon, neon.” – John Mayer

Neon is a trend that comes back every spring/ summer without fail. When spring/summer rolls around you can always count on two things: warmer days and neon colored wardrobes. Neon is consistant spring/summer trend because neon colors are bright, happy, and look amazing against bronzed skin; whether it’s a natural bronze or it comes from the sun, or a bottle of your favorite sunless tanner.

The neon trend can be worn in a variety of ways and pieces.

You can rock a neon pink shirt dress like Rachel Parcell from or a neon pink romper with a pop of orange like Nicole Johnson of Both Rachel and Nicole show that with Neon being the main focus of your ensemble you can choose to play up the rest of your outfit in many different ways. Play up neon outfits by adding neutrals, metallics, or even more neon shades to accessorize with. Rachel Parcell shows how easily you can maximize the fun and brightness of any outfit by doubling up on the neon.

Accessories in neon are always a great way to add that pop of color to your wardrobe if you’re not brave enough to wear a neon outfit.


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Neon colors can be dressed up or down really easily. Say your only neon item is super casual t-shirt, take a tip from Shae Wilbur of, and pair it with a leather skirt and clutch to up the fancy factor. Or if you simply want a more casual vibe you can take a flowly neon shirt and pair it with white jeans like Tiffany from for a great daytime look.


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Remember neon is your friend and can help you brighten up your wardrobe in an instance.

Xo, Lara Sophia