how to set goals and achieve them…


You want a hot body? You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion?

You better work bitch.

The infamous Britney Spears couldn’t have said it any better.

Brit-Brit will always be one of my idols. I mean those abs – how does she do it? #fitnessgoals

But let’s cut the shit.

Daydreaming about what you want in life is the easy part.

In fact, it’s so easy, it’s what most people spend their days doing. #boring

However, they never actually do anything more. 

But bitches, setting goals and actually achieving them is an entirely different story.

No matter how insane or outlandish your dreams and goals are, you can achieve them.

I mean Kim Zolciak said it best Ask, Believe, and Receive.

Kim leaves out one tiny detail in between the believe and receive part – it’s called WORKING YOUR ASS OFF.

Got it? Good.

Are we all guilty of day dreaming? Yes. Are we all guilty of wishing our hopes and dreams would just drop in our laps? HELL Yes.

Can we actually set up goals and achieve them? Yes.

So let’s do the damn thing already!

First, decide on something you want to do or work towards. You want bikini body? Or maybe that mansion? #goals

Personally, I want to turn this blog into a career. And I want to get super-skinny and hot. Bam, two goals down!

Then, carefully write down your goals. I’d write down the big picture goal and then also give more specific details about your goal.

Buy a journal or a notebook that you can keep your goals listed in. I’d even suggest using the Notes feature on your phone that way your goals are readily available to you. #themoreyouknow

Next, tell someone you trust about your goals, which will up the chances that you’ll actually stick to them.

I mean no one wants to look like a loser, right?

Now, don’t tell every Tom, Dick, and Harry about your goals. Tell 1 or 2 trusted friends or family member.

Basically, tell someone who won’t laugh in your face.

Then, make your game plan. Think of steps you can take to achieve your goals and write them down.

For me, daily blogging is one of my steps. Eating healthier and moving my ass more is another one.

Now it’s time the WORK YOUR ASS OFF phase.

My advice? WORK YOUR ASS OFF. Harsh? Yes. But as Ray said in Uptown Girls “It’s a harsh world.” 

Keep working on your goals day after day – think of it as a step and repeat.

If something isn’t working – change it. If this goal makes you miserable – fucking change it and start over.


Pop the bubbly and make it rain.

You don’t have to wait to celebrate until you’ve reached your goal. How boring would that be?

Celebrate the little victories along the way. #blessed

Here are my tips for setting goals and achieving them: 

  1. Daydream 
  2. Decide
  3. Write it down
  4. Say it out loud
  5. Make a game plan
  6. Work your ass off 
  7. Step and Repeat
  8. Celebrate

So bitches let’s stop dreaming and start doing the work. We are all better than living out someone else’s dream. Let’s start living our own.

What are a few goals you have? How do you plan on achieving your goals?

xo, Lara

2 thoughts on “how to set goals and achieve them…

  1. YES! Anything that starts with Britney and I’m in! 🙂 Just what I needed to hear today.. I really need to take a step back and work on making little goals underneath my big overall goal so I can celebrate some progress along the way!

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