Not Brown Bagging It

Packing your lunch is suddenly cool again. Going out to lunch everyday is so not on trend. In today’s economy, packing your lunch is not only fiscally responsible, it’s also healthier and more fashionable. Long gone are the days where ugly brown bags were the only options for transporting your lunch from home to work. Today we have seemingly endless options for lunch bags, albeit some are more fashionable than others.

Word to the wise, always go the fashionable route. Your carrying this lunch bag back and forth, people are seeing it, making it an extension of yourself. Let your lunch bag represent you and your style in way that is functional, fun, and fashionable.

Designer’s have even jumped on this trend creating higher end lunch bags that work for a wide range of styles and price points. These are not the lunch bags of your childhood days. These are sleek, sophisticated, purse like lunch bags. Many of these bags are mixed fabrics, taking leather and nylon to create a functional yet stylistic aesthetic. Even the brown bag looking lunch bags have been revamped, being made with leather and treated/coated paper.

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xo, Lara Sophia

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