How Would You Spend Your Lottery Winnings?


You always thought it would happen – yes to you. After all, you always play the lottery and dream about winning. Why wouldn’t you? Of course, you can win. And this time you knew lady luck would find you…and boom! You bought the winning ticket – you just fucking won the lottery!

Is the above scenario a dream of yours?

So when you win the lottery and are suddenly rolling in the dough – how will you spend your winnings?

Here’s how I’ll spend my jackpot winnings!

First I’d go to the bank and take out a couple of thousands of dollars, spread the money on bed and roll around in it while listening to “Luxurious” by Gwen Stefani. I mean they always make it look fun in the movies, right?

Now that, that’s out of the way I’d do the responsible thing and pay off my debt and my mom and brothers. Done and Done.

Once the boring stuff was taken care of, I’d move on to the fun stuff which means spending those Dolla-Dolla-bills-ya’ll!


Here’s how I would spend my lottery winnings!

*Spoil family Oprah-style*


 It would be a repeat of Oprah’s “You get a car! You get a car!” moment.  Fun vacations, cool gadgets, financial freedom, anything they wanted well within reason. 

*Buy a shore house* 


Spending the summers down the shore is #GOALS. And having a place for my entire family to come and stay at would be even better.  

*Travel the World*


 My travel bucket list would get a significant dent in it. Europe, South Africa, Asia here I come!

 *Did someone say shopping?*


 I would most definitely need to expand my closet just a little bit. I mean how awesome would it be to be able to go into ANY store and buy whatever you want?!?!

 *Invest in me/Buy eternal loveliness*


I’m talking beauty treatments,  a personal trainer, in-home chef. But it also means taking the time to invest in my goals – building my blog, writing a book, starting a YouTube channel, etc. Having the time and money to invest in my craft would be a huge goal.

*Save, save, save*


Last but certainly not least I’d save a huge chunk of money (actually the majority of my winnings) for the future – wedding, a house, my kids’ college, a rainy day.


What would you spend your lottery winnings on? Tell me below!

xo, Lara

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