how to get your hair healthy…fast!

how to get healthy hair

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Healthy, beautiful hair is #goals but getting healthier, longer hair is easier said than done. We don’t realize how much internal and external stress we put on our hair every day. Over the years I’ve become a connoisseur of healthy hair and have worked out a winning formula for getting your healthiest hair ever.

Now that I’m done tooting my horn lets’ stop the bullshit and get on with my sage wisdom.

First things first get some amazing hair vitamins and not just one kind. I take 3-4 different hair vitamins a day. Personally, I’m obsessed with Biotin it’s my number one bitch, but Viviscal comes in at a close second only due to cost.  Biotin is super affordable and works like magic, while Viviscal is hands down the best hair supplement out there, but they are pricey.

Another tip is to make sure you are taking care of your hair and avoiding damage causing habits. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair at minimum 2-3 times a week to help strengthen, hydrate and repair.  Prevent further hair damage by limiting bad hair habits like excessive heat and coloring.  I also highly suggest you stop putting your hair in ponytails every day because that habit causes more breakage than you think.

One of the most important tips I can give you is to relax! Stress causes all sorts of health issues. Mental and physical stress can take a toll on your hair and even make it fall out. I suggest meditating or finding other stress-reducing activities to keep stress at bay. I have had my hair fall out from stress; it’s not fun. If you need help finding ways to de-stress check out this post.

Finally make sure you are eating healthy and getting enough fruits, veggies, good fats and water into your diet. What you put in your body affects how your skin, nails, and hair look and feel. So if eating healthier means a prettier you than I’d jump on that train!

How do you get your hair healthy?

xo, Lara

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