How they love the sporting life

When I heard that the “sporty” or “sportswear” trend was coming back into style I immediately had flashbacks of Adidas track suites and Sporty Spice outfits from the late 90’s. While we loved and blissfully rocked those looks in the 90’s; I think I speak for everyone when I say those looks can definitely stay there. The current sporty trend is levels above its 90’s predecessor; taking Posh Spice’s glamour and sleekness and mixing it with Sporty Spice’s athletic style.
Think Sporty-Chic Spice.
The sporty aesthetic has evolved from a masculine fueled tomboy look to a casual chic style filled with feminine undertones. The fitness gear influences have faded in favor of clean lines, muted colors, and minimal silhouettes.  This look is a sophisticated luxe that is more sleek than sporty.
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Sporty-Chic Tips:
Avoid looking like you’ve just come from the gym. Keep it more street with muted colors and clean lines.

Where the trend through accessories like chunky sports watches, leather baseball caps , masculine sunglasses , or colored running shoes and wedge sneakers.

Go retro. Pick vintage looking varsity jackets and retro running shoes then mix them with modern accessories.

Stick to the basics. Cotton t-shirts and drawstring pants can easily bring the sporty look to any outfit.

Balance the look. Think half slouchy, half fitted and mix in some glam with pumps.

sporty chic
How do you plan to wear the sportswear trend?
xo, Lara Sophia
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Title of post from The Decemberists song “The Sporting Life”

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