how to get the best hair of your life!


Everyone wants great hair.

Good hair is the difference between you looking like a dumpster rat and Beyonce, so it’s kinda important. Don’t ya think?

Now that that’s settled lets talk hair.

I’ve rarely met a hair-care product that I don’t like and believe me, I’ve tried them all. #obsession

However, as of lately I’ve found an easy way to get the best hair ever, no joke.

Four little steps stand between you and gorgeous, healthy hair.

So, you want in on my secrets? Say pretty, please with a cherry on top!

Fine, I’ll spill.

Okay – let’s cut the shit. First, you need to take your vitamins. But more importantly, you need to take two vitamins that will make your hair grow like you’re damn Rapunzel.

What are these little magic pills, you ask? Ultra Strength Biotin and Viviscal. These little beauties will make your hair strong, healthy, and long as f^*k but the best part is they will help you say buh-bye to breakage.

Remember that song by the Spice Girls, 2 Become 1? Well, keep that song in mind cause the next two products go hand and hand and might as well be one.

A Tangle Teezer + One’ n Only Argan Oil Split End Mender = goddess hair.

These two products go together amazingly and will stop damage and breakage in their tracks. Plus the Argan Split End Mender smells so good you’ll want to slather your whole body it in. #sorrynotsorry

And last but certainly not least, get yourself some Olaplex No 3. I’m going to be blunt so listen up. Go to and buy the Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfecter, don’t go to Amazon and risk getting a knockoff product from somewhere in China. I mean God knows what you’d be putting on your hair. And no I’m not #sponsored by Olaplex, even though I wouldn’t mind it. Hey, girl hey!

Olaplex No 3 is the shit, and you can feel and see a difference in your hair immediately. I like instant gratification, and Olaplex gives mama what she wants right away. Use it once a week and each week you’ll have healthier, stronger, less frizzy and less damaged hair. #winning

Bitches, that’s all I have to say so buy all this shit and see your hair transform. You’ll thank me later. Remember I’ll graciously accept any of the three C’s – Chanel, Champagne, and Cupcakes!

Have you used any of the products mentioned? Do you love or hate them? What are your tips to getting great hair?

xo, Lara

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