Game On: 6 Tips For Keeping Your Diet On Track This Super Bowl Sunday



It’s the time of year where we are all drinking green shit, counting calories, and jogging our asses off in hopes that one day we will wake up looking like Olivia Culpo. However, the Super Bowl could throw a major wrench in all our hard work. My thighs are quivering in fear at the thought of all those high-calorie foods! Eeek! It’s easy to say screw it and overindulge, but guilt and shame are two of the biggest bitches ever so that’s a no go. Instead, let’s create a game plan that helps us navigate any party while keeping our diets semi-intact.

workout before

Getting a workout or two before the big game will leave you feeling good. Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy! Plus, a workout will slay those calories giving you the extra wiggle room to indulge a little bit. The more calories you burn, the more you can eat, right?

indulge a little

Portion control. Plan out what you’ll be putting on your plate ahead time. No foods should be off-limits, but portion control is critical with high-calorie foods. The idea is to get a little taste of everything, so you feel satisfied and not deprived.


make healthy options

Bring veggies, a fruit tray or even a salad to the party. Fill up on all the healthy options you can before eating any foods that will mess with your diet. Veggies and other low-carb, high-protein options will leave you full and less likely to overeat.

mindful eating

Pay attention to when you are full and stop eating. This tip will help you avoid that overly stuffed bloated feeling, which no one likes!


drink smart

Opt for drinks that won’t break the calorie bank. Think light beer, low-calorie mixers like soda water and diet tonic. For flavor add in fresh lemons and limes when drinking hard liquor. In the mood for something fancier? Reach for drier wines or champagne, which is only 95 calories a glass.

Another tip – guzzle water in between each alcoholic beverage to help keep you hydrated and full.


skip the guilt

One day won’t make or break a diet. Do the best you can but have fun and don’t stress. Most importantly make sure you jump back on the diet train first thing Monday morning since bathing suit season is around the corner!

xo, Lara

P.S. #FlyEaglesFly!

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