six Easy Ways To De-Stress


Stress is a bitch to put it bluntly. I’m an easily stressed person especially when it comes to work. Perfectionism is also a huge bitch and seems to go hand in hand with stress. I try my hardest to avoid stress and remain calm, but stress is pesky little bugger that sneaks up on you without any warning. Stress is not only annoying it’s taxing on your mind, body, and spirit; it’s said that long-term stress can affect your brain and cause a lot of harm including brain cell and memory loss.  In fact, stress can also raise your blood pressure making you more at risk for heart attack or stroke.

While it’s difficult to avoid stress, there are ways to decrease the stress in your life. I suggest coming up with a few stress-busting techniques you can whip out at any given moment to ease your stress away.

Here are some of my favorite stress-busting techniques. Remember to stay calm my loves!

1. Inhale, Exhale, and repeat. Focusing on your breathing and taking deep breaths is a great way to unwind; it slows your body down making you more aware. It’s a simple technique you can do anywhere from your car to your desk. No one will even know you’re taking a few minutes to de-stress.

2. Meditation. I’ve dabbled in meditation here and there for the last year or so, and I can honestly say when I do it I feel less stressed and calmer. If I’m having a particularly stressful day at work, I’ll take my phone and headphones and hide away to a quiet spot for a few minutes to close my eyes and meditate. I love using the Calm app on the iPhone, which has meditation sounds and a timer to help guide your meditation. Two to three minutes of meditation mid-day and I’m revived and less stressed.

3. Dance Party! Nothing is more stress relieving than putting on some of you favorite music and jamming out to it for a few minutes. Dancing and singing to your hearts content will shift your focus and loosen you up. Personally I like to throw on some old school Beyoncé, Britney, or J.Lo and shake my groove thing!

4. Walk it off. Get up off your butt and go for a quick walk. Take a leisurely stroll around your building or outside. Stepping away from the stress is a great way to disconnect and regenerate yourself. Walking will help get your blood flowing and will wake you up a little bit.

5. Write it down. There are times when we are so stressed and overwhelmed we can’t get out of our heads. When this happens I suggest writing down what’s stressing you out; putting it on paper allows you to acknowledge the stress. When your stresses are down on paper and not in your head, it’s easier to assess the cause of your stress and find a remedy.  Take five minutes, jot down your stresses on a post-it, acknowledge them, create a solution and literally and figuratively toss the stress away.

6. Pamper yourself. Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority but often we put others before ourselves leaving us stressed out and miserable. Take the time to pamper yourself whether it’s heading to the gym for a workout, hitting up the spa for a facial, getting a mani-pedi or simply grabbing a cup of your favorite coffee. Do something special that’s just for you. It’s so important to create “me time” because you can’t save the world unless you save yourself first.

How do you fight stress?

xo, Lara


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  1. Haha… Every. Single. One. Been going through a tough time lately… totally got cheated on *whimpers in sadness*… anyway… I definitely use 1 & 2 on a daily basis, especially when tears come up. 3 is like dance party in my room, all the time. 4 os when I hit the gym. 5 was the other night, it’s amazing how sadness can inspire creativity… and 6 will be tomorrow. Half day at work then treating myself to a massage and some mani/pedi action. Yep!

    Great ideas!

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