how to deal when your life is literally falling apart


I’m cutting the shit for real. Since I started this blog, I’ve struggled with putting myself out there and not comparing this space to everyone else’s little corner of the internet.

However, now I’m kind of over it. I need a space to talk about what’s going on in my life and not continue to paint some picture perfect, fake ass version of myself.

In the words of Lindsay Lohan, I’m getting “a little more personal (raw).” If you don’t know that reference, I question if we can be friends. Google that shit now.

Truth is my life is a hot mess.

I could pretend that my life is oh so perfect, but it’s not. 2017 really did me dirty.

2017 hasn’t been my year. While it’s been filled with some highs, it’s also been filled with the some pretty low, low’s.

Now I’m not in the habit of throwing myself a pity party, in fact, I’m an always positive, glass half full kind of girl. Annoying, I know.


So, instead of thinking of this as a pit party let’s think of it as a learning tool, and hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.

Do you want to know why 2017 sucked balls?

Well, I got laid off in March, my cat died a few months later. But that wasn’t it; I lost my car, oh yeah and my mom got cancer. Oh, I should also mention I’m up to my eyeballs in debt. I wasn’t lying when I said 2017 sucked.

The question on your mind is – how did I deal with it all?

I cried, I screamed, I ate too much, I hibernated into a deep depression, I drove to the beach, using someone else’s car obvs, to forget about my problems, I overshopped, worried myself to death, and did a bunch of other super depressing, and cringe-worthy things.

But none of that solved my problems.

First things first, I have to stop burying my head in the sand. Did I mention I am good at burying my head in the sand? Like really good, I could make a career out of it. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Anyone else like that? Please say yes.

I’ve come up with a game plan to get back on track, and it’s pretty fabulous if I do say myself.

Here are my five tips for how to deal when your life is falling apart:

Check yourself boo

‘Own it’ as Lisa Rinna says.


You have to acknowledge what’s going on in your life – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Have an honest conversation with yourself. Admit your mistakes. Lay it all on the table and let all your emotions about pour out. Cry, scream, laugh, hate yourself. I suggest using tequila as a buffer 😉

Forgive yourself

After you’ve acknowledged your shit forgive yourself. You can’t control everything and can’t change the past so forgive yourself and move on. Accept what you can’t control. You’ll never move forward if you continue to beat yourself up. I can’t control that my mom got cancer, but I can have faith that she will be cancer free. I can’t change that I lost my car but I can make sure that it never happens again.

Stay Positive

I truly believe life can change from bad to good in a blink of an eye. There’s no point in living in the negative and being all doom and gloom. Things won’t suck forever, and your life won’t always be a mess. As quickly as things went bad, they can turn good just as easily. Watch The Secret, read You Are A Badass.

Ask for help

You got yourself into quite a pickle, and there’s no harm in asking for help. Whether it’s financial help or a shoulder to cry on, find someone you can lean on. You can’t be an island to oneself because look where that got you. Sometimes an outside perspective can help you better assess what’s going on in your life.

Make a plan

Get down to the nitty-gritty and create a gameplan. Create a plan to get out of debt, buy a car, deal with an illness, or whatever life is throwing you. Most importantly be ready and willing to adjust your plan when needed. Creating a plan with detailed steps will help you stay on track and will allow you to see just how far you’ve come.

Now, that you know all my dirty little secrets I’m sure you feel much better about your own life.

How do you deal when your life is falling apart?

xo, Lara

P.S. Here’s what I’m wearing on my face.

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