Currently Coveting…


I’ve been looking forward to this week’s Currently Coveting since Monday, yes, it’s been that kind of week.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to shop. Nothing calms the nerves more than spending money on things you don’t need and probably can’t afford.

Credit cards ready? Check.

Nike Free RN 2 Running Shoe

Will I be running in these shoes? No. Will I be wearing them with leggings to look sporty? Yes. It’s all about perception after all. Plus it is about 100 degrees on the East Coast, so running is a no-no. Who am I kidding running is always a no-no for me. But I do love running sneakers because they look super cute with my leggings.

Sam Edelman Leya Faux Fur Laceless Sneaker

Now, these sneakers are more up my alley. Girly, furry, and pink? Check, check, check. These are fashion sneakers which are my favorite kind of sneakers. These totally take me back to my Spice Girls days. Oh to go back to the late 90’s.

DKNY Mixed Media Mini Mirror

Marble and gold are two of my favorite things. I need a makeup mirror like yesterday, and I think I finally found the one I want. This way I can finally stop sitting on my bed doing my makeup and actually use my vanity. #lazy

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

I was given some La Mer samples, and now I’m hooked. I should have just said no, remember kids JUST SAY NO.  Now I’m hooked to La Mer like a two-bit crack whore. Damn it; I didn’t need another expensive skincare product/brand to be obsessed about and lust over. #firstworldproblems

Givenchy Medium Antigona Sugar Leather Satchel

It’s still summer, but I’m already looking forward to Fall, mostly because I’m hoping to have that Fall body since my summer body didn’t exactly work out. However, I’m also looking forward to Fall because of the clothes and the colors. This oxblood purse is everything. I can’t get enough of this color. I want, I need.

CalPak Ambeur 20-Inch Rolling Spinner Carry-On

Rose gold luggage? Um, yes! I need new luggage, really I do, and this piece fits the bill. It’s beautiful and is the perfect carry-on. I can see myself lugging this through the airport looking chic as fuck.

Happy shopping!

What are you currently coveting? Are there any fabulous products on your wish list?

xo, Lara


Currently Coveting…


What basic bitch doesn’t love some good window shopping? I know I do.

I love lusting over items that break the bank and creating imaginary shopping lists in my head. Talk about being #delusional.

So, that’s where Currently Coveting comes into play.

Currently Coveting is a way to dish about all the luxe items I’m lusting over that I may or may not purchase. You feel me, right?

It’s a fun way to window shop together without getting off our lazy asses.

Credit cards ready? Check.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis

To be honest, I was on the fence about this bag forever. Do I love it or hate it? After months of seeing it everywhere and on everyone – I love it. Will I ever buy it? Not sure. Part of me hates having a bag that’s so oversaturated, but then again it’s gorgeous.

Louis et Cie Freyda Loafer Mule

A Gorgeous, stunning shoe from a brand that I can’t even try to pronounce. This mule would look amazing with skinny jeans or leggings as just a pop of something fancy. The silver adds oomph without being over the top.

Monica Vinader Alphabet Diamond Pavé Pendant

This pendant gives me serious vintage vibes. It looks exactly like matching necklaces my Bachi (Grandmom in Polish), and her sisters wore. I seriously am considering getting this necklace for my girl cousins. To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die!”

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask 

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE is obsessed with this mask. It’s pretty much been sold out since it debuted. I’m a loyal follower of Sarah Glow and The Glow Recipe’s Instagram pages. They are a skincare lover’s wet dream. No lie. And I’ve been dying to get my grubby little paws on it. All I can imagine is waking up with baby soft watermelon scented skin.

Chloé Lauren Espadrille Wedge Sandal 

Never have I ever owed $600 shoes or anything Chloé but I sure would love to. These sandals are EVERYTHING. Super cute, casual but still a little dressy and they are in one of my favorite colors gray.

The Skinny Confidential Gold Digger Phone Case 

My phone is a hot mess. It’s been dropped and is cracked within an inch of its life. I need to get a new phone ASAP, and this is the case I want. The TSC cases are super funny and are bound to turn heads.

Happy shopping!

What are you currently coveting? Are there any fabulous products on your wish list?

xo, Lara

why the f^*k are cashmere sweaters so expensive?!?!?

cashmere sweaters

Image Source:

Cashmere is super luxurious, and just screams wear me. Because cashmere is so soft, warm, and miraculously durable, it’s the perfect piece for your fall and winter wardrobe.

However don’t be deceived, not all cashmere is created equally which is why you see cashmere sweaters run anywhere from $80 to $500-plus.

So, the question on everyone’s mind why is cashmere so expensive?

Well, there are several factors that determine the cost of cashmere including fiber quality, origin, purity, and where the product is manufactured.

Cashmere sweaters are made from the superfine hair of cashmere goats and the thinnest, longest, and whitest fibers actually, make the most expensive garments. Interesting, right?

Surprisingly, most cashmere comes from either Mongolia or China where goats have been cultivated for centuries. Now a cashmere sweater manufactured in a factory in China will cost less than one being made in a boutique factory in Europe due to quality.

One of the biggest factors that dictate’s the price of cashmere sweaters is purity. Many more affordable cashmere sweaters aren’t 100% cashmere and are often interwoven with other less expensive fabrics like lambswool. So make sure you check your labels before running to the cash register.

Verdict? I think investing in a top-notch cashmere sweater is totally worth it. If you chose the right silhouette, your sweater will never go out of style, and because of the fabrics durability, it’s going to last for years and years.

Now lets do some damage, here are some pretty fantastic and chic cashmere sweater options for every budget!

 cashmere sweaters


Happy Shopping!

Are you a fan of cashmere sweaters?

xo, Lara

9 Pieces From Target Your Wardrobe Needs NOW!


Trends come and go that’s why it’s not always a good idea to spend loads of money on trendy fashion pieces. One of the biggest downfalls of fashion is how fast the trends change – one minute it’s hot and the next minute it’s not.

When shopping for fall fashion trends, to fill your closet with, I highly suggest checking out more affordable pieces from Target and other low-cost fashion stores.

In fact, Target has truly stepped up its game for fall/winter 2016 trends. The store is packed with current trends that look good and won’t break the bank. Moreover, Target has re-vamped its fashion lines to showcase trendy items for ALL sizes from juniors to super-skinny and plus-size curves. Meaning everyone and every body shape can find something to wear from Target this fall.

On I found nine ready-to-wear pieces that hit the nail on the head for fall fashion trends. Each piece is diverse, beautiful and will great additions to any girls closet.



What are your favorite fall trends? Where do you like to shop for trendy fashion pieces?

xo, Lara

Currently Coveting…

currently coveting


Warm (and rainy) weather has finally graced us with its presence, and while I could do without all the rain, there’s nothing better than a gorgeous warm spring day. The warm weather has me yearning for light colored clothing and glowing bronzed skin.

Rumor has it white bags will be all the rage this summer, so I suggest investing in one now. This gorgeous Tory Burch bag caught my eye because of its beautiful shape and simple design.

Also, months ago I purchased these Quay sunglasses, in the silver-blue color, and I’m so obsessed with them. I’ve been dying to pick up more sunglasses from their line ever since. Quay’s sunglasses are super fashionable, well fitting, and super affordable which is a win-win! But I also can’t get my mind off the blush Ray-Ban’s pictured up above. Decisions, decisions.

Sunnies and bags are the way to this girls heart 😉

Here are a few items that are inspiring me this week and that I may have to call my own very soon!

xo, Lara

superb street style: florals? for spring? groundbreaking.


Welcome to Superb Street Style on Every week we will be taking a trend and showing you how the best street style mavens are wearing that trend.

Florals for spring are nothing new. I mean Miranda Priestly said it best in the Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking,” yet designers, are finding new ways to play up florals in the spring. While the florals your mother knows and loves are still around and as fashionable as ever, moody florals have also emerged this spring and are all the rage.

Moody florals take bright colored flower prints and place them on a darker backgrounds like black, green, purple instead of the classic beige or white giving the print a whole new look.

This week our lovely Superb Street Style stars show us how they are wearing florals this spring.


Blair from Atlantic-Pacific  chiacgo blair eadie 5

Image via Atlantic-Pacific

Dress: Erin Fetherston


Emily from The Ivory Lane


Image via The Ivory Lane

Dress: Rachel Parcell


Jess from Bows and Sequins


Image via Bows and Sequins

Romper: Yumi Kim 


Which look is your favorite?

xo, Lara

trends to talk about: springtime boots


Spring is the time of year when your footwear tends to get lighter to accommodate the warmer weather yet this year I’ve seen numerous fashion and style blogs promoting over-the-knee boots for springtime.

Perhaps I’m late on a trend, but I associate riding and over-the-knee boots with winter and fall, not spring. When I think spring footwear I go for ballet flats, espadrilles, peep toe shoes, ankle cut booties, and so on.

So seeing fashion bloggers prancing around in over-the-knee boots makes me go hmm….

I love individual style, so I’m not knocking wearing these type of boots in the spring I’m just opening up the floor for discussion.

If you are looking to rock boots this spring here are some of my tips to keep you looking seasonable and fashionable!

1. Gravitate towards lighter colored boots like camel, light grey, beige, white and stay away from black and dark brown boots.

2. Choose for booties over higher cut boot styles like over-the-knee, mid-calf, and riding.

3. Pick booties that have a cut-out, peep-toe, lace-up or fringe details. These features scream spring/summer style.

Here are some of my spring boot picks!

       spring boots

{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.}


What style of boots are your favorite for spring?

xo, Lara

How To Blow Your Tax Return

how to blow your tax return

Image Source: Bloguettes

In honor of Tax Day, I thought we’d discuss some fun ways to blow your tax return – I mean it is almost like free money after all 😉

You could be boring and save your money, but personally, I think your tax return is the perfect time to do one of three things (or all three if your finances allow it 😉

Plan a trip – Having some extra money in your bank account is one of the best reasons to travel. Pick a place on the map, buy a plane ticket and pack your bags. Traveling is a great way to spend your money because you’re not only creating a memory but you’re feeding your soul with culture.

Invest in a designer item – Lusting over that Louis Vuitton bag? Or perhaps you’re manic for a pair of Manolos? Bite the bullet and splurge or rather invest in classic pieces you can wear season to season and year after year. It’s the perfect time to invest in that high-end fashion piece you’ve been drooling over for months!

Revamp your wardrobe – if you’re looking to add some classic higher priced items to your wardrobe now’s a perfect time. You (hopefully) have a large chunk of change at your disposal which makes it easier to invest in pricier items. Throughout the year is the time to fill your closet with trendier, cheaper clothes because hey it’s more affordable and trends change quickly but when you can splurge on quality, more costly pieces I highly suggest you do it. Think items that will elevate your wardrobe – like a great blazer or leather jacket, a cashmere sweater, or a trench coat.

How are you spending your tax return this year?

xo, Lara

Valentine’s Day wishlist

valentine's day wishlist chic

Okay, Cupid Valentine’s Day is steadily approaching, and while I don’t have a Valentine this year there’s no rule against buying myself a present, right? Didn’t think so. Valentine’s Day is all about being pampered and showered with love, affection, and presents even if you have to do it yourself!

I did a little perusing on Spring where I managed to find so many amazingly beautiful items that I wanted one of each! Check, please!

Instead of giving my credit card a heart attack, I settled on eight pieces that I’m heads over heels for. One or two of these items may or may not have my name on it when Valentine’s Day arrives!

Here’s my Valentine’s Day Wishlist that’s everything my heart desires!

valentine's day wishlist chic

{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.}

What’s on your Valentine’s Day Wishlist?

xo, Lara Sophia