Brow Envy

Lately, I’ve been quite obsessed with eyebrows.

Great brows frame your face and can completely change your look. Full, well defined, groomed brows are the perfect accessory to your face just like a great purse or a fabulous pair of shoes are for any outfit.

Many women get overwhelmed when it comes to eyebrows. Yes, brows can be confusing because there are so many variables to ponder – Which shape is best for my face? How thick or thin? Where should they start and end? Which hair removal method is best? and so on. Its honestly a trial and error approach, we all have had our terrible brow moments of over-plucked or over-waxed eyebrows. That doesn’t have to stop you from having the eyebrows you want now.

Since June, I have been getting my eyebrows threaded at a salon in Philly. Let me tell you I will never, ever go back to waxing again. In my oh so humble opinion, threading is the best method of hair removal for the eyebrows. Threading is gentler and an almost painless process compared to waxing, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. Threading simply allows you to get super defined brows that are still soft around the edges making your eyebrows look natural and effortless. I have received so many eyebrow complements since I started threading.

No matter what method of hair removal you choose for your eyebrows, whether it be waxing, threading, dipilatory, or plucking the  most important rule is to go to someone you trust and who will listen to you and your eyebrow needs. Do research and definitely read reviews before you visit any salon or spa for your eyebrow grooming. Eyebrows are on your face after all and everyone sees them so you want them to look their best!

Its important to not damage your brows by over and too often plucking, too heavily drawling them on, and taking too much off the ends. Put the tweezers down! Take care of your brows because one day they might not grow back. Brows should only be waxed/tweezed/threaded every 4-5 weeks, any sooner and you will be removing too much hair.

Below are some of my favorite eyebrow products and some celebrities whose brows I am quite envious of.

Happy BROWsing!

Brow Envy

Brow Tools


Lara Sophia

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