3 trends that need to f*cking die


I love fashion and watching the trends come alive on the runways, but some trends need to stay on the catwalk.

When runway trends infiltrate everyday fashion, they don’t always translate well.

In fact, most of the time they look horrible and honestly make me want to gag.

Something that works on a 6-foot, 100-pound model isn’t always going to work on the average girl. #truth

There are trends that just need to die before they even get started.

So, let’s discuss three trends I’d like to see die right now.

1. Cropped Flare Jeans



screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-22-28-am screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-20-42-am screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-20-23-am

Why? That’s all I can say. These jeans are beyond hideous; they cut off at the bottom and look like floods, which is not a cute look AT ALL. Plus the flair at the end of the jeans make you look like a pirate-hobo hooker. Meanwhile, they all tend to be high-waisted which isn’t flattering to most women’s bodies at all. Cropped Flare Jeans are like mom jeans on crack.


2. White Ankle Boots

screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-30-12-am screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-30-39-am screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-30-50-am screen-shot-2017-10-16-at-11-31-11-am

If you know me at all you know, I hate white accessories – white sunglasses, white watches (unless it’s the Chanel white ceramic watch) so I’m not loving the White Ankle Boot trend.

White Ankle Boots look awkward and aren’t something that the everyday girl can pull off. High-Fashion girls and bloggers may make the trend look chic, but I just know they will look like shit on most women.

These boots have to be balanced with the right pant cut and the right look in order to work.

Honestly, I only think the trend works if the boot has a chunky 60’s style heel – now that’s a trend I can get behind.



3. Wavy Brows


Why the f*&k would you want to have wavy eyebrows? Honestly, tell me why? Not only does this trend look dumb as fuck, like I’m losing brain cells just talking about this, but you’re also basically ruining your brows too.

Brows frame your face and can severely alter your look. Wavy eyebrows make you look like a clown so if Bozo-Chic is the look you’re going for then go for it but if not I’d steer clear of this trend.

Trust me; your eyebrows will thank you.

What trends do you think need to die?

xo, Lara

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