How To Blow Your Tax Return

how to blow your tax return

Image Source: Bloguettes

In honor of Tax Day, I thought we’d discuss some fun ways to blow your tax return – I mean it is almost like free money after all 😉

You could be boring and save your money, but personally, I think your tax return is the perfect time to do one of three things (or all three if your finances allow it 😉

Plan a trip – Having some extra money in your bank account is one of the best reasons to travel. Pick a place on the map, buy a plane ticket and pack your bags. Traveling is a great way to spend your money because you’re not only creating a memory but you’re feeding your soul with culture.

Invest in a designer item – Lusting over that Louis Vuitton bag? Or perhaps you’re manic for a pair of Manolos? Bite the bullet and splurge or rather invest in classic pieces you can wear season to season and year after year. It’s the perfect time to invest in that high-end fashion piece you’ve been drooling over for months!

Revamp your wardrobe – if you’re looking to add some classic higher priced items to your wardrobe now’s a perfect time. You (hopefully) have a large chunk of change at your disposal which makes it easier to invest in pricier items. Throughout the year is the time to fill your closet with trendier, cheaper clothes because hey it’s more affordable and trends change quickly but when you can splurge on quality, more costly pieces I highly suggest you do it. Think items that will elevate your wardrobe – like a great blazer or leather jacket, a cashmere sweater, or a trench coat.

How are you spending your tax return this year?

xo, Lara