trends to talk about: springtime boots


Spring is the time of year when your footwear tends to get lighter to accommodate the warmer weather yet this year I’ve seen numerous fashion and style blogs promoting over-the-knee boots for springtime.

Perhaps I’m late on a trend, but I associate riding and over-the-knee boots with winter and fall, not spring. When I think spring footwear I go for ballet flats, espadrilles, peep toe shoes, ankle cut booties, and so on.

So seeing fashion bloggers prancing around in over-the-knee boots makes me go hmm….

I love individual style, so I’m not knocking wearing these type of boots in the spring I’m just opening up the floor for discussion.

If you are looking to rock boots this spring here are some of my tips to keep you looking seasonable and fashionable!

1. Gravitate towards lighter colored boots like camel, light grey, beige, white and stay away from black and dark brown boots.

2. Choose for booties over higher cut boot styles like over-the-knee, mid-calf, and riding.

3. Pick booties that have a cut-out, peep-toe, lace-up or fringe details. These features scream spring/summer style.

Here are some of my spring boot picks!

       spring boots

{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.}


What style of boots are your favorite for spring?

xo, Lara

Because I said so…


Because I said so…is a term we often hear from our mother’s throughout the years. In honor of Mother’s Day I’m going to take a page out of my mom’s book and say you need to get your mom the most fabulous and heartfelt gift on her namesake day…because I said so.

If you’re blessed enough to have a mom in your life, then consider yourself lucky. Your mother is the most precious friend you’ll have; she’ll know you better than anyone your whole life so why not take the time and show her how special she is to you with a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

I love to splurge on my mom during Mother’s Day, her birthday and Christmas and get her things I know she wants but would NEVER buy for herself.

Take the time this Mother’s Day to show and tell your mom just how much you appreciate her love, sacrifice, and support.

Here are some pretty incredible Mother’s Day gifts I’m sure any mom will love.


{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.}

xo, Lara

(p.s. that’s totally my mom and me on Halloween oh so many years ago. )


Monday Motivation

Monday motivation

Mondays can be rough so why not a little motivation to make Monday (and everyday of the week) a little more manageable. Here’s some inspiration to help make your day brighter.

Louis Vuttion Starbucks

Everyday essentials

Kristin Ess

Hair goals via hair stylist extraordinaire Kristin Ess’s Instagram

love yourself Words to live by

spring lunch ideas

Spring lunch goals


Happy Monday!

xo, Lara

How to prevent pilling


Layering skin care products is a fun way to test out and get the benefits of multiple products at once but if you’re not careful things can get ugly quickly. If you’re a newbie at layer products, you may have come across a nasty little side effect called pilling, which is when you skincare products “pill” up and turn into bumpy balls of product on your skin. So what does girl do when this occurs? Well, there’s a few tricks to the trade you can try to help prevent pilling from occurring.

1. Take time – One of the best ways to prevent pilling is to wait in between layering your various skincare products. I suggest waiting a minute or two in between in each product. While some professionals say, you should wait 15 minutes in between in each product, who has that time? My tip is to wait the 2 minutes; put on some music and have a dance party in your bathroom :)

2. Pat, Pat, Pat – Tip is simple yet overlooked when it comes to skincare. Most of us rub our skincare products into our skin which it TOTALLY wrong instead you should be patting the product into your skin. Patting allows the products to be pushed into the skin instead of being rubbed around the top layer of skin.

3. Thin to Thick – Another great tip to prevent pilling is to think about how you layer your skincare products. Always, always apply your most lightweight products first and work up to your thickest. Doing this will prevent pilling and make sure that each product is being properly absorbed into the skin.

xo, Lara

Ready…Set…Shop: Spring Beauty Buys

spring beauty buys

Image Source: Bloguettes

With Spring in the air, it’s the perfect time to revive your makeup and skincare stash with some new beauties worthy of the warmer weather.

As most beauty lovers know, revitalizing your stash each season is a MUST!

While perusing I found some amazing beauty bits that are perfect for spring.

When shopping keep in mind Spring’s beauty trends; Spring 2016 is all about glowy almost glossy skin and bright pops of color on your lids and lips.

Personal tip? Focus on skincare so you’ll look good with or without makeup on! Grab a good face wash, a gentle exfoliator, a multitasking hydrating cream, and a bunch of face masks to brighten and hydrate your complexion.

Here are some spring beauty picks from Sephora!


{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.}

Happy Shopping  😉

xo, Lara

How To Blow Your Tax Return

how to blow your tax return

Image Source: Bloguettes

In honor of Tax Day, I thought we’d discuss some fun ways to blow your tax return – I mean it is almost like free money after all 😉

You could be boring and save your money, but personally, I think your tax return is the perfect time to do one of three things (or all three if your finances allow it 😉

Plan a trip – Having some extra money in your bank account is one of the best reasons to travel. Pick a place on the map, buy a plane ticket and pack your bags. Traveling is a great way to spend your money because you’re not only creating a memory but you’re feeding your soul with culture.

Invest in a designer item – Lusting over that Louis Vuitton bag? Or perhaps you’re manic for a pair of Manolos? Bite the bullet and splurge or rather invest in classic pieces you can wear season to season and year after year. It’s the perfect time to invest in that high-end fashion piece you’ve been drooling over for months!

Revamp your wardrobe – if you’re looking to add some classic higher priced items to your wardrobe now’s a perfect time. You (hopefully) have a large chunk of change at your disposal which makes it easier to invest in pricier items. Throughout the year is the time to fill your closet with trendier, cheaper clothes because hey it’s more affordable and trends change quickly but when you can splurge on quality, more costly pieces I highly suggest you do it. Think items that will elevate your wardrobe – like a great blazer or leather jacket, a cashmere sweater, or a trench coat.

How are you spending your tax return this year?

xo, Lara

the perfect pre-night out prep!


Sometimes the prep leading up to a night out is just as fun, if not more fun, than going out for a night. I’m all about beauty and love the process of getting all dolled so here are my tips for a fun and fabulous way to prep for any night out!

drink. Popping a nice bottle of bubbly and pouring yourself a glass of champs will set the mood for your beauty prep. It’s fun and sophisticated drink to sip and help get you in a fun state of mind. Remember only have one or two glasses of champs; showing up to a night out already half drunk is a big no-no.

skin. Slathering on a sexy scented body lotion or butter will make your skin feel super soft and smell amazing! Personally, I love, love, love Victoria Secret’s Pure Seduction body butter which is one of the ultimate sexy scents. Be prepared for lots of complaints ladies!

facemask. Nothing will make your skin and makeup look more luminous and gorgeous than doing a hydrating face mask. I always suggest exfoliating first, my favorite is the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, which gently exfoliates your skin. More about that here. As for masks, I’m obsessed, obsessed with sheet masks! Currently, I love the SK-II sheet masks which are the best of the best, but I also have been loving Leader’s What Happened Last Night? sheet mask. And honestly, I’d probably do both before heading out, double the fun! Both masks hydrate, de-puff, and add radiance to your skin. #winning

tunes. Music is my go to for putting me in a going out state of mind. Throw on some tunes and dance around your room. Nelly put it best, “So take it off like your home alone. You know dance in front your mirror while you’re on the phone.” Loving some throwback music. Nelly, Spice Girls, and many other late nineties/early two thousands pop songs are on my playlist.

How do you prep for a night out?

xo, Lara

Valentine’s Day wishlist

valentine's day wishlist chic

Okay, Cupid Valentine’s Day is steadily approaching, and while I don’t have a Valentine this year there’s no rule against buying myself a present, right? Didn’t think so. Valentine’s Day is all about being pampered and showered with love, affection, and presents even if you have to do it yourself!

I did a little perusing on Spring where I managed to find so many amazingly beautiful items that I wanted one of each! Check, please!

Instead of giving my credit card a heart attack, I settled on eight pieces that I’m heads over heels for. One or two of these items may or may not have my name on it when Valentine’s Day arrives!

Here’s my Valentine’s Day Wishlist that’s everything my heart desires!

valentine's day wishlist chic

{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.}

What’s on your Valentine’s Day Wishlist?

xo, Lara Sophia

pantone color of the year: rose quartz and serentiy

pantone color of the year rose quartz serenity blush pink

{1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.}

Every year fashion trends come and go but one trend I love to keep a lookout for is the Pantone color of the year. For for 2016 we are lucky enough to have two colors and these colors will dictate everything from fashion and makeup to interior design trends.

While Pantone’s color of the year often translates extremely well into fashion and interior design, they often fall flat on the beauty front. This year’s colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity are readily available and will work for fashion as well as beauty, which is an added bonus for us beauty lovers 😉

The juxtaposition of Rose Quartz and Serenity is beautiful and creates a balance between cool and warm tones. This years colors give consumers many options that will play into various fashion styles and moods.

I’m obsessed with Rose Quartz or blush pink as I like to call it because it works so well for EVERYONE! No matter your skin tone or hair color this shade of pink just pops on you. Serenity on the other hand is that perfect shade of blue that is calming and beautiful. These colors make you feel good and are so inviting and happy!

Do you prefer Rose Quartz or Serenity? How will you incorporate Rose Quartz or Serenity into your wardrobe this year?

xo, Lara Sophia

wanderlust: Greece is the word



“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Traveling is a favorite pastime of mine. If you’ve never traveled, you’re missing out and HIGHLY suggest you get to it. This summer I’m going to be getting to visit Europe once again, and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to my friends who decided to get married in Greece, I’ll get to explore some beautiful new places.

Now that I’m in the middle of arranging my travel plans wanderlust has hit me hard. Currenlty I’m dreaming of clear skies and turquoise water. Can June hurry up and arrive already?!?!

While can’t be in Greece just yet, here are a few gorgeous photos that have me pining away for the days when I will be in Santorini.





Do you have any travel plans this summer? Where would you like to go most?

xo, Lara Sophia

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