Favorite Platinum Hair Moments

Pulling off platinum blonde hair isn’t an easy task. While the maintenance of platinum hair is one thing, hello almost constant dark roots, it’s another thing to be able to pull off rocking platinum hair. It takes a special kind of women to wear platinum hair right.

The women who bleach their hair the blondest of blondes are a bold, confident, fierce bread. While many attempt to pull off platinum blonde hair, only a few fully succeed at wearing the look well.

Platinum haired women are risk takers, style-makers, and influencers often leading the pack in terms of style and fashion.

In an ode to platinum hair, here are my favorite platinum hair moments.

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Are you a fan of platinum hair? Would you ever go platinum blonde?

xo, Lara

Chic 101: You Should Never Wear Opened Toed Shoes Without Getting A Pedicure First

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I know the feeling when the weather heats up, and the first thing that pops into your mind is trading in your boots for sandals and flip-flops. I’ve been there, believe me. Your feet that haven’t seen the light of day in a good six months and they’re dying to break free but deep down you know your tootsies aren’t sandal season ready. It makes sense to pretty up your feet before putting them into sandals but it seems that not everyone cares about the state of their feet. In fact far too many people openly wear sandals revealing some nasty looking feet. “Hideous. Hate it. Hurts my eyes.” – Carrie Bradshaw 

So, I’ll say this once and only once, for the love of all that’s chic do not wear opened toed shoes without getting a pedicure first.

It should be a crime to prance around in sandals with unpolished, and unkempt nails. I don’t care if you go get the fanciest pedicure around or give yourself an at home pedicure in the tub make sure you take care of your feet.

You might think oh, no one’s looking at my feet. Well, you’re wrong, I can tell you that people like me are checking out your feet and secretly judging you based on their condition. I know I’m not the only one.

Let’s be honest, feet are ugly and gross so I think they should be taken care of the most. I work hard to keep my feet looking pedicured and well kept. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. In fact I hate feet so much that I opt to pay someone else to do the dirty work for me. Hello, $25 Mani/Pedi combo!

Before you even think about putting on sandals this spring make sure your toenails are trimmed and painted. Then make sure that the soles of your feet are washed and scrubbed removing all calluses and dry skin. It’s that simple people; we can all do it.

My simple tip for keeping your feet always looking sandal season ready is to get pedicures all year long. I know it’s a novice idea but just because we don’t shave our legs are as much in the winter doesn’t mean our feet need to suffer as well.

Remember please do something with your feet before putting them in open-toed shoes because I don’t want to have to talk about you :)

I’m not mean, I’m just honest. But I’m actually really nice, promise ;)

xo, Lara

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Spring/Summer polish Picks

ss nails copy

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Happy May!

The warmer and longer days of springtime have arrived. With the warmer weather comes bright colored manicures and perfectly pedicured feet.

Here in New Jersey the weather has been pretty amazing, and it has me day dreaming of all the pretty colors I will be painting my nails over the next few months. During the fall and winter months, I tend to stick to reds, nudes, and my constant go-to OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. When spring and summer rolls around I tend to experiment more with polish choices.

During the warmer weather months, I tend to stick with bright pinks and coral colored polishes for my pedicures since they flatter my feet best. With my manicures though I’m all about experimenting with blues, greens, yellows, and every other color imaginable.

What are your favorite nail colors for spring and summer?

xo, Lara

currently coveting…


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Currently I’m coveting everything that comes with the warmer weather. Right now I’m coveting everything from a new scent to pink pedicured toes, bouquets of peonies, a pretty pink yoga mat, blush colored paint and gold prints for my pending room revamp.  That’s not too much to ask for, right?

What are you currently coveting?

xo, Lara

mother’s day gifts {beauty}

beauty gifts mama's day

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Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. I had a miniature freakout yesterday when I thought Mother’s Day was this weekend! I had no card, no gift, no brunch reservation but thank goodness I have a week plus to get some plans together.

Shopping for mom’s can be difficult but I always try to think like my mom and make little mental notes of brands she likes and wears. I always love to get my mom a beauty goodie as part of her Mother’s Day gifts because I don’t think she pampers herself enough.

I secretly peeked through my mom’s beauty stash to get some ideas of great beauty gifts for your mom! My mom’s a pretty stylish put together lady, so her collection is full of on point choices.

When buying beauty products with your mom in mind remember these little tidbits of advice.

*Choose skin care, foundations, and concealers that are target toward mature skin. Pick products with anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.

*Choose eyeshadows and blushes that have matte or satin finishes. Anything frosted or with shimmer will settle into fine lines and accentuate wrinkles.

*Choose fragrances that are classics. My rule of thumb is to pay attention to who the fragrance spokesmodel is and make sure she is only ten to fifteen years younger than your mom. The spokesmodel for a fragrance gives a good idea at who the target audience is so you’ll have a better chance of your mom liking the fragrance.

Do you buy your mom beauty gifts for Mother’s Day?

xo, Lara

Did I find my holy grail status concealer?!?


Everyone has their list of Holy Grail products that they swear are so amazing, and everyone will love. Holy Grail beauty products don’t come along every day in fact HG products are far and few between. Personally, I only have a handful or so of HG products in my collection but I’m always willing to add more if they live up to HG status.

For years, I heard everyone from Kim Kardashian to several YouTube beauty gurus swear up and down that the Clé de Peau Beauté concealer was the most amazing concealer ever.

So one day I got bold, hopped on to Nordstroms.com, hesitantly located the Clé de Peau Beauté concealer and less than ten minutes later my order was placed. My bank account was $70-plus lighter but when it comes to HG beauty products price doesn’t matter.

Days later the heavens opened, the sea parted, my hopefully HG concealer finally arrived.

I ripped the box open, pulled out the sleek and classically packaged Clé de Peau Beauté concealer and joyfully slathered it on my under eyes. That joy didn’t last long, my under eyes looked dry, cakey and hardly resembled Kim K’s perfectly concealed under eyes.


I was pissed to say the least. $70+ down the drain and all I got were dry, cakey under eyes. But I wasn’t about to give up I was determined to make it work.

First, off I remedied my dry under eye skin because that was my skin’s fault, not the concealer’s. Next, I applied the concealer directly my under eye skin, which help emulsify the concealer making it creamier and easier to blend. Finally, I used my finger to blend the concealer in, instead of using a brush. It was a whole new concealer at that point.

Both times I applied the Clé de Peau Beauté concealer it covered the heck out of my dark circles, but the residual dry, cakey look overshadowed its coverage power.

I’m proud to say Clé de Peau Beauté concealer is an HG product for me, and it’s worth the hefty price tag. A little goes a long way, and the little tube lasts a lot longer than you’d think. I’d say I get three to four months use out of one tube.

This concealer hides by hideous dark circles and helps me look well-rested and awake. Dark circles be damned as long as I have my Clé de Peau Beauté concealer.

What’s your Holy Grail concealer?

xo, Lara

Keeping My Skin Hydrated and Happy


Dry skin? Check. Hydration wanted? Check. To my dry skin gals out there we suffer from dry skin, dehydrated skin 24/7, 365 so in order to have hydrated and happy skin we have to step up our skincare game to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

It’s important to hydrate from within, guzzle that water! But topical hydration is just as important. My current game plan for hydrated skin consists of masks, creams, serums, gel moisturizer that when use individually hydrate hells-good but when they are layered on top of each other skin nirvana is reached!

First up is an Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask I talked about here. It’s not my favorite hydrating mask but it gets the job done add a little oomph to my skin. Speaking of hydrating masks, have you tried the Glam Glow ThirstyMud? You really need to try this mask!!!! GG ThirstyMud is AMAZING! I was skeptical to try this, but it lives up to the hype. Slather it on and your left with glowy, soft, hydrated skin.

Hydrating my skin with a moisturizer is a difficult task since my skin sucks up cream like nobody business so I need something that is powerful and can penetrate my skin with lasting moisture. I tend to go for thick, heavy creams and balms, but the next few products have been game changers for me.

Hands down Ponds Dry Skin Cream was a lifesaver this winter, no really, it saved my skin since I was one step away from my skin cracking into a million pieces from dryness. It’s a simple, effective, and super hydrating cream. More on that later since I think it deserves its own post.

Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil is the newest addition to my oil addiction. DE’s Marula Oil is a dry oil, that sinks right into the skin, hydrates the skin and wears amazingly under other moisturizers and makeup. See my full review here.

Last but not least is the newest addition to my skincare arsenal Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Water Gel Moisturizer. I can’t speak fully on this since I’ve only had it a few days but so far so good. It’s a light gel moisturizer thats full of hyaluronic acid and my skin is loving it so far.

Keep that skin moisturized and hydrated loves!

What’s your favorite product to hydrate your face? Tell me below or Tweet me @LaraSophia

xo, Lara

books + beauty


There’s nothing I love more than a good book and a good at home beauty treatment so combining the two is like the best idea ever! Whenever I snuggle up for my nightly read I make sure to use my time wisely turning my night a (possibly lame) book + beauty bash.

Currently, my reading rotation is made up of some pretty awesome books that have been around for a while. Yes, I’m pretty late to the game on these gems, I know.

While many may think reading three books at once is crazy I think it’s brilliant. I like to switch it up one night I can be a chic Parisian, the next night I’m a mega-successful fashionista, and the following night I learning how to be just a little bit happier. I mean who doesn’t want to be all three of those things.

So how exactly does my books + beauty bash work? Well it’s quite simple I choose my nightly reading material of either How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are, #GirlBoss, or 10% Happier which sets the mood (oh la la) for my night.

Then I chose a face mask to slosh all over my face. Currently, I’m really enjoying the Que Bella Relaxing Aromatherapy Mask which is super relaxing and soothing. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the Que Bella masks are considering they are less than $2 and available at Target. Double score.

After my face mask is on, I slather on some hand cream and lip balm. Right now, I’m using the Bliss High-Intensity Hand Cream and the Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment. The Bliss Hand cream is a staple that you must have in your life. On the other hand, I have a love/hate relationship with the Argan Lip Treatment but right now I love it so I’m using it.

Finally, I light a candle, snuggle in my comfy bed and get my read on.

What books are you currently reading? Do you do beauty treatments while you read?

Let me know below or Tweet me @Lara Sophia
xo, Lara

the deep condition


We’ve all had those days, weeks, or months where we look at our hair and just think WTF?!? During those times, our hair is just an unsightly mess whether it’s too frizzy, too damaged or too dry. No matter what your hair just seems to work against you. Whenever my hair falls into one of these states all I can think is MASKS, MASKS, MASKS!

Deep conditioning hair masks can transform your hair taking you from a dry, frizz bag to a hydrated sleek goddess. Who doesn’t want goddess hair after all?

I’m a sucker for hair masks. Trust me I’ve probably never met a hair mask I didn’t like. I’ve tested what feels like a million hair masks. Let’s just say I’ve used everything from mayonnaise to Oribe products to deep condition my hair.

Lately, my hair hasn’t been too unruly and I’ve only been dealing with occasional dryness so things are looking up. I made an effort to use up my gigantic and every growing stash of hair masks in the last few months so now that I’m completely out of hair masks I’ve picked up some new ones to rebuild my collection (god that makes me sound like a beauty hoarder. SMH).

Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturizer – This is a go to deep conditioner and once that I’ve repurchased more times than I can count. It has that classic Paul Mitchell smell which I love. It’s a light-weight but powerful deep conditioner that gives your hair the perfect dose of moisture.  It’s so good your hair won’t require any other conditioning products.

 OGX Sea Mineral Moisture – I’ll admit I initially bought this product due to its smell alone. The scent reminds me of the ocean and just scream summer.  It’s  a decent deep conditioner that I think I will reach for more in the summer. In fact, this product is very reminiscent of John Frieda’s Smoothe Sailing conditioner. All in all this is a pretty good deep conditioner that I will use up, but I’m on the fence if I will repurchase it or not. 

 L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme – When I picked up this gem of a deep conditioner it was my first time purchasing a L’Oreal hair product. I was pleasantly surprised that I fell hard and fast for this deep conditioner.  The product has a light-weight serum consistency.  I’m going to say this product is an exact dupe (scent, texture, results, basically everything) for the no longer available  Redken Extreme Deep Fuel. 

What is your favorite deep conditioner? Let me know below since I always love trying new hair products!

 xo, Lara

discounted High End Beauty


I love a good discount, but I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t go out seeking discount. I’m definitely not a thrifty shopper or a coupon clipper. My Moto is if I like it and I can afford it I buy it. But like I said I love a good deal when it falls in my lap.

Recently I took a little trip to Marshalls and Ross on the hunt for sheets and a new duvet. I knew going into Marshalls and Ross was dangerous and I would come out with more than I went in for. These stores are just like Target you never come out with just what you went in to buy – it’s impossible.

I haven’t been in Marshalls or Ross in forever, but I’ve heard on Twitter that you can find some really, really good beauty products there. I made a note to peruse the beauty aisles next time I gave either store a visit.

So the first thing I did when entering the stores was head right for the beauty aisles. Surprisingly, I found a few amazing products and literally half the cost. Cha-Ching.

While I only wound up buying three products I was pleasantly surprised at the array of high-end products they had. Think products and brands that are available at Ulta. I really went in hoping to find GlamGlow masks on the cheap but alas I was unsuccessful in that pursuit. Although what I did find was some pretty good stuff.

The holy grail product that I did scoop up was a humungous tube of Bliss Naked Body Butter. This super-sized baby was originally $34 but was only $17 at Marshalls. Major score! (This was such a good deal that I went back and got two more bottles – one for my mom and one for my brother)

I also found a hydrating mask from Elizabeth Arden that is pretty good and it’s $4.99 price tag makes it even better. The mask applies like a clay mask but gives your skin some decent hydration.

Lastly, I found a rose scented body butter from The Body Shop for $5.99. I love, love, love The Body Shop’s body butter. They are just amazing and the Coconut scent is my absolute favorite. I’m also a sucker for rose scented items so I was gaga over this body butter. It will be perfect for spring/summer.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for beauty deals? Tell me below or Tweet me @LaraSophia

xo, Lara