Making Scents…Last


Finding the perfect perfume is just like finding the perfect guy; you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

The right scent can complete your look and evoke your mood on any given day, but it’s not always just about finding the right scent; it’s about getting the most out of scents you wear. The way you apply fragrance and where you store it can make all the difference in getting the most out of your perfumes.

Number of Spritz’s: It’s as easy to overdose on perfume as it is on cocktails. Remember to keep your spritz’s to a minimum. A general rule of thumb is to use one to two drops of perfume, three sprays of Eau de Parfum, and up to four sprays of Eau de Toilette. The higher the concentrate, the less you want to apply; perfume is much stronger and more concentrated so use a smaller amount.

Layering: I find that scents last longer when you use the same or similar body washes and lotions prior to apply your fragrance. The body wash and lotion build the foundation and the lotion will give your perfume something to stick to so it lasts longer.

Pulse Points: Your pulse points imitate heat that help release the scent. Pulse points include temples, neck hollow, wrists, behind the knees, behind the ears, and inner elbows. Apply your favorite fragrance to these spots and your scent will last all day.

Light and Heat: These two scenarios can break down the composition of your favorite fragrance making it lose its scent quickly. Avoid storing your perfumes in direct sunlight or anywhere it gets too hot.

Time Length: Most fragrances stay fresh from anywhere from one to eight years. Pay attention to changes in color or changes in the scent. Use your instincts on when to toss or keep fragrances.

How do you make your fragrance last?

xo, Lara 

12 Days of Chicmas: 1 Bag I’m Currently Coveting


The older I get the less I want for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I would still love to be drowning in piles of presents on Christmas morning but that’s not very realistic. Instead I try to aim for one or two more expensive gifts in hopes that at least one of them makes it under my tree.

For the first day of 12 Days of Chicmas I’m giving you a peek at a bag I want all for my own.

I’ve been lusting over this bag for months on the Nordstrom website and hopefully Santa will be very nice to me this year.

What’s the one thing your coveting for Christmas?

xo, Lara Sophia

Spades of Cuteness


Dressing the munchkins in your life is way more fun than picking out clothes for yourself because let’s face it everything looks cute on them. While I don’t have any kids yet I love picking out clothes for my niece. Thank god I don’t have any kids right now because I would go broke from buying all the adorable clothes out there. Kids clothes can be just as fashionable as adult clothes but for half the cost.


When I saw that Jack Spade and Kate Spade were teaming up the Gap and were releasing a limited edition collection for GapKids I immediately got excited. The collection features 123 pint-size pieces. The designs stay true to the labels’ famous tongue-in-check designs. Be prepared for classic prints with a twist, cute sayings, girly details of bows, polka dots, and stripes, and bright colors.

Here are my favorite pieces to pick up for your wee ones.

Kate Spade New York ♥ GapKids statement sweatshirt - heather grey

Kate Spade New York ♥ GapKids gift bow ballet flats - POSTER RED 527

Kate Spade New York ♥ GapKids statement tee - antique white

Kate Spade New York ♥ GapKids colorblock tech gloves - navy

Kate Spade New York ♥ GapKids bow wool coat - navy


xo, Lara Sophia

Make Me Up: Metallic Eyes

Metallic Eyes are all the rage this season. This effortless eye makeup look is easy to master. With a swipe of your makeup brush you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to try this look out. Many think metallic shadows are a night time only look but think again. Metallic shadows add an instant party to your lids – the shadow adds depth and shimmer creating a great accessory to any look. Metallic shades also tend to capture the light which helps illuminate your whole face making you glow.  Another reason to rock metallic shadows is that it has a light catching effect. This makes your eyes seem more open and alert which is perfect after a long day of work.

Metallic shadows are a must for this holiday season. Between the easy application, the illuminating and light catching effects - what ‘s not to love?

Here are my favorite metallic shadows:


Xo, Lara Sophia

scandalize your winter wardrobe

If you’re a fan of Scandal there are a few things that make Olivia Pope one envious women. Between the hot men, the powerful job, and fabulous wine there’s a lot to be jealous of but the most envious thing about Olivia Pope has to be her wardrobe.

While the dramatic plot lines keep us intrigued the clothes grab our attention like no other. Olivia has knack for turning classic pieces into scene stealing obsessions.

Thanks to The Limited’s Scandal Collection we are one step closer to getting our Olivia Pope on.

The Scandal Collection is a limited edition collection made up of 42-pieces that range in price from $49 to $298. There’s a piece for every price point and each piece stays true to the show’s aesthetic.

Now you can be a fierce and fabulous gladiator too.

Here are my picks from the Scandal Collection that will work perfectly for your winter wardrobe.

xo, Lara Sophia








Superb Street Style: these boots are made for walking

Fall is the time of year when you start breaking out the boots on a daily basis. Whether you’re breaking out the boots because it’s cold, rainy, or  just because you want to be stylish – you always need to have choices.

There are certain boots you just need to have in your footwear rotation during the Fall months. A girl can never have too many footwear options during this season since the weather and your style can change in the snap of a finger.

In my opinion every girl must have a good pair of riding boots,a pair of rubber rain boots, ankle booties with a heel, and a pair of knit-shearling comfy boots.

This week our lovely Superb Street Style stars show us how they put their best foot forward in stylish Fall boots.

Lulu of

wrapped up

(Image via


Rachel of


(Image via


Courtney of


(Image via


Emily of


(Image via


xo, Lara Sophia

Hand Helpers: good things come in threes

My hands are often neglected during my skincare routine. It’s a forgetten step I usually regret when my hands and cuticles are dry and peeling. It seems while I can easily complete my multi-step skincare rountine both morning and night; I can’t seem to remember to slather on a little hand cream.  I only reach for hand cream at the office when I’m typing away and I glance down, horrified at the sight of my dry cuticles.  It’s important to keep your hands soft and hydrated in the colder weather months especailly since everyone sees your hands. No wants to have ugly looking paws especially if you tend to talk with your hands like I do.

It’s easy to just grab any old hand cream, slather it on, and call it a day but there actually are certain skincare ingredients that will make your hands feel and look their best.  Our hands can show are age very quicly especially since they are exposed to the sun constantly. I was always told the rule is that any anti-aiging products used on your face should also be used on your hands, neck, and chest so you don’t wind up with a 30-year looking face and 60-year old looking hands, chest, and neck.  This is a skin-care rule I beleive should be followed but its easier said then done.


Here are three skincare indredients that pack the most punch when it comes to hand care:

1. Retinol. Retinol exfoliates the skin and is great for anti-aging. Retinol helps lighten and prevent dark spots which are tell-tale age signs.

2. Silicones and humectants. These ingredients help moisturize your skin with out leaving your hands feeling greasy. Most people’s number one complaint with hand creams is that your hands feel super greasy after, reach for hand creams with these ingrediants instead.

3. SPF 30. Like I said previously our hands are constantly exposed to the sun, so fighting UV damage is key. The sun and UV rays break down collagen and elastin in the skin which makes skin age.  Choose a hand cream with an SPF to age proof your hands.

 xo, Lara Sophia

happy 2nd birthday chic and sequined!

c and s birthday

I dreamt about starting a fashion and beauty blog for a long time. I toiled with names, layouts, and concepts for months if not years until I came up with the perfect name and theme that best represented me. This blog wasn’t something I wanted to half-ass – it was a go big or go home moment. I knew I was going to put my heart, soul, and passion into this blog so I need it to be everything I wanted and dreamed of.

While I’m extremely proud of Chic and Sequined so far I have so many more dreams and aspirations for this blog. My love affair with beauty and fashion started at a young age and has just grown with each year of my life. My heart and soul goes into this blog because I honestly just love talking about beauty and fashion. I’ll talk off anyone and everyone’s ear about beauty and fashion at the drop of a hat. Hopefully you see my passion and dedication in every post.

Happy 2nd Birthday Chic and Sequined! Here’s to many, many more!

Thanks for following me as I share my love of beauty and fashion :)

xo, Lara

on trend: leopard lovin


Leopard has arrived in such a pretty way this season that it’s bound to make you purr with excitement.

 Leopard is a seasonless trend that stays in fashion all year. Season after season you will see pops of leopard show up whether it’s in bags, shoes, jackets, or pants.

Designers like Céline and Tom Ford floated loads of leopard down the runway reinforcing the notion that leopard must be our wardrobes this season.This perennial trend was given new life this season with its ultra-feminine take and ladylike silhouettes.

If your wardrobe is void of leopard anything now’s the time to invest. Once you have leopard added to you closet you’ll be RAWR-ing to go!

xo, Lara Sophia