Superb Street Style: Let’s Hear It For the Boy

When it comes to superb style accessories are the icing on the cake – they are sweet, decorative, and pull everything together. No one wants to eat cake without icing just like no one wants to wear an outfit with no accessories. Accessories have the power to transform any outfit. Purses have the most power in the accessory world; the right “it” bag can take any outfit of a high or low price point and completely transform it.

 The current “it” bag is the Chanel Boy bag and it’s the sweetest accessory around. The Chanel Boy bag comes in a multitude of sizes and colors and can truly work with any style making it a classic bag in my opinion. When a bag can survive decades of existence and transcend different styles of dress it then has earned the classic title.

 Since its inception in 1955 the 2.55 Chanel Le Boy has been a best seller for over 59 years.

 “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.” – Karl Lagerfeld

This week our lovely Superb Street Style stars show us how they accessorize with the Chanel Boy bag.

Kim from


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 Dyer from


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xo, Lara Sophia

Pumpkin Spiced Skin Care

Tis the season for pumpkin everything from lattes, to jack-o’-lanterns, to pies and candles. Turns out pumpkin doesn’t just taste and smell good its actually good for your skin too. While I’m not a big pumpkin anything fan I am willing to try pretty much anything in the name of skin care.

Most of the time we think of pumpkin as either a decoration or an ingredient in Fall foods and drinks. We never actually think of pumpkins as actually being beneficial to out health and skin.

Pumpkin-seed oil and pumpkin-seed extract can be very hydrating, who knew right? Turns out pumpkin seeds can help repair skin and help it maintain its moisture. Pumpkin contains high levels of vitamin A and beta carotene which protects the skin against sun damage.  Just don’t over do it on the pumpkin or you’ll turn orange!

The vitamins C and E found in pumpkins work together as an antioxidant double team to help firm skin and fight wrinkles.

Eating pumpkin is the best way to get the total skin benefits that pumpkin can supply. If you’re not too fond of pumpkins you can still enjoy pumpkin in your skin care routine by adding some pumpkin fueled products to your regime.


xo, Lara Sophia

On Trend: Shake your pom pom, shake your pom pom


Rah Rah, sis boom bah! Your cheerleading days may be over but Pom Poms have made there way from the football field to the fashion runways.  Pom Poms are a girls best friend this season – they are fun, stylish, playful, and flirty. Grabbing accessories with the Pom Pom detail is the easiest and most fun way to play up the trend. Whether you rock the Pom Pom detail on your hats, bags, or shoes you’re bound to have fun with this trend.

Personally, I’m dying to pick up the Michael Kors Rabbit Fur Pom Keychain.

How do you feel about the Pom Pom trend?

xo, Lara Sophia

Oscar de la Renta


Last Monday night while scrolling through Twitter I gazed upon a tweet that broke my heart into pieces: beloved fashion designer Oscar de la Renta had died. Immediately I felt a void, not only in my world but, in the world of fashion. As admirers, fans, co-workers, and friends we watched Mr. de la Renta’s amazing talent float down red carpets and runways alike. I feel extremely safe saying that like most Oscar lovers I will miss being awestruck by his designs. I will miss loving each of his pieces more and more, never being able to choose a favorite and desperately wanting every piece of his collections in my closet. While the brand that is Oscar de la Renta will surely live on it will be missing the sparkle and charm that Oscar himself brought to each piece he designed. Oscar’s brilliant designs and words inspired me beyond explanation; to say they moved and changed me would be an understatement. Seeing Oscar’s clothes inspired me on how to dress and how to be the type of women I wanted to be.

Rest in peace Oscar de la Renta you will be truly missed.

Xo, Lara Sophia

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To honor Mr. de la Renta here are a few of my favorite Oscar de la Renta designs.

image011 image001-1

image003 image005 image007 image009


the review: GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment

I like to think that the bags under my eyes are Chanel. In reality they are more Kate Spade but I like to aim high and keep my rose colored glasses on.

Raise your hand if suffer from under eye problems. If your hand is raised you know that dark circles, puffiness, or any combination of the two can thoroughly ruin your morning. Dealing with under-eye issues is just like dealing with a horrible pimple; no matter what you put on top of it you can still see it. Before, you go spackling concealer and brighter on your under-eye area to hide the puffiness and dark circles, you need to treat the problem. Concealer only works so well and while it can improve the look of your under-eye circles – it’s not going to treat puffiness and bags.

I’d like to consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to under-eye treatments. I am forever on the search for my Holy Grail under-eye products that will make my dark circles and puffiness a distant memory.

My search for a Holy Grail status under- eye product is on the right path. Currently, I’m obsessed with the little pods of under-eye magic from GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment.

The GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment is a gel-like mud consistency that is a tap on, wipe-off treatment which diminishes puffy eyes and dark circles in three minutes. When applying this mask you will immediately feel a cool tingle.  Don’t fret its not a harsh oh m god tingle but more a of rejuvenating feeling that helps stimulate circulation and leaves your skin looking plump.

I really enjoy this mask because it does so much in such little time. This mask is prefect for mornings where my under-eyes are looking less then stellar. The fact that I can throw this mask on while I brush my teeth is  a major selling point. Plus the adorable pod packing doesn’t hurt either. The fact that each treatment is designated in the pods leaves no room for error and avoids me wasting any product.  While a pack of these treatments is a little pricey at $69.00 for 12 they are a good investment if you suffer from horrid under-eye circles.

 What are your favorite under-eye treatments?

Xo, Lara Sophia

Superb Street Style: My Boyfriend’s Back

Fall and boyfriend jeans are the perfect couple– you can’t put your finger on it, but for some reason they work together so well. Boyfriend jeans are everything a real-life boyfriend should be: comfortable, pleasant to look at, a good fit and a little rough around the edges. The boyfriend jean can take you from day to night by just switching up your accessories and footwear. Since boyfriend jeans come in an array of styles, washes, and levels of distress they can work for any style whether you’re a preppy princess, bohemian badass or a fabulous fashionista.

This week our lovely Superb Street Style stars show us various ways to keep your boyfriend jeans relationship strong and stylish.

Roz from


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Kate Ogata from


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Simona from


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Hallie Wilson from


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How do you like to style boyfriend jeans?

xo, Lara Sophia


These Coats Have Your Back

fall coats

Fall and winter coats have a lot to live up to; they need to keep you warm, fend off the snow and rain, and most importantly keep you looking fabulous. That’s a lot of responsibility to give to just any old coat. This season outfit yourself with several coat options. Make sure that your every fashion whim and any weather situation is covered. The options are endless for coats this season especially when choosing the style, cut, color, fabric and print. Whether you’re looking for a classic black peacoat, a cropped fur or a cream cape to channel your inner Olivia Pope the options are endless. These coats just might have you wishing for the snow to come early.

Bundle up and stay stylish!

xo,  Lara Sophia

Summer to Fall Makeup Transitions

Summer to Fall Skincare

Skincare: Summer skin is beautiful and super easy to care for. Skin is hydrated, dewy, and just all around gorgeous in the summer. By the time Labor Day roles around I can already feel a rift in the force. This is when my fall/winter dehydrated skin is starts to rear its ugly head. In the summer I use gel products because they are light-weight and soak into the skin fairly quickly but once fall comes to town it’s time to move onto some heavier products. Layering skin products is the best way to get and keep your skin hydrated. When fall roles around I don’t whip out my winter skin care arsenal but I certainly tweak my routine and add a few additional steps. Combining a serum plus moisturizer is going to give your skin a fighting chance at keeping moisture and making sure it sticks around all day.

Foundation: In the summer my foundation routine is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  Just a swipe or two of a light weight CC cream or tinted moisturizer that gives me some coverage but isn’t going to feel too heavy.  For fall I like a little more coverage since my skin is quickly losing its summer glow and color. Take it up a notch and reach for a light to medium coverage foundation to give your skin a little more oomph.

Bronzer: I know you’re thinking, bronzer in the fall?, say what?!? Yes, you can wear bronzer in the fall you just have to wear it the correct way. In the summer I love a powdered bronzer to give me that sun-kissed glow and make it seem like I’ve been at the beach everyday instead of stuck in the office. But for fall I move onto a cream – matte bronzer which looks more natural and is easier to blend into the skin. Bronzer in the fall gives your skin depth and prevents you look too ghostly.

Eyeshadow: Put the bronze cream eyeshadow away and move on to rich, deep colored powdered eyeshadows. Choose warmer and richer colors that are a shade or two darker then the colors you wore in the summer months. It’s important to warm up your skin and create definition and depth.

Lips: Trade in your bright pinks and pastel colored lipsticks and glosses for deep plums and reds. It’s a simple switch that easily transitions you from summer to fall.

Mascara: I love me some black mascara but when summer rolls around I reach for waterproof blackish-brown mascaras to keep my lashes in place and have a little more of a natural look.  For fall ditch the waterproof mascara and go for a black mascara that will enhance and define your eyes.

How do you transition your makeup from summer to fall?

Xo, Lara Sophia

Fall Bags

fall bags

Is it wrong that I want every one of these bags? Well if it’s wrong then I don’t want to be right. Bags are kind of my thing, my obsession. A great bag can take any outfit and make it look like a million bucks. When it comes to great bags I always go for quality over quantity.  Take my advice:  go for classic colored and shaped bags that you’ll have to invest a little more money in but will have twenty or more years.

Fall bags are especially amazing because the color palette is extremely rich. I love having choices when it comes to the colors, textures, and shapes of my bags. Girls gotta have options. The 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Zip Satchel Bag is on the top of my list but I can’t decide between the black or blush colors. Decisions, decisions.

What bags are you currently craving?

Kate Spade NY Salina Street Small Nadine Bag // Tory Burch Mercer Leather Satchel // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Zip Satchel Bag // Chloe Marcie Leather Satchel  // CELINE Trapeze // Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch   // Rebecca Minkoff MAC Crossbody Bag // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Zip Satchel Bag // Alexander Wang Rocco-Rhodium Stachel

Xo, Lara