pantone color of the year: rose quartz and serentiy

pantone color of the year rose quartz serenity blush pink

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Every year fashion trends come and go but one trend I love to keep a lookout for is the Pantone color of the year. For for 2016 we are lucky enough to have two colors and these colors will dictate everything from fashion and makeup to interior design trends.

While Pantone’s color of the year often translates extremely well into fashion and interior design, they often fall flat on the beauty front. This year’s colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity are readily available and will work for fashion as well as beauty, which is an added bonus for us beauty lovers 😉

The juxtaposition of Rose Quartz and Serenity is beautiful and creates a balance between cool and warm tones. This years colors give consumers many options that will play into various fashion styles and moods.

I’m obsessed with Rose Quartz or blush pink as I like to call it because it works so well for EVERYONE! No matter your skin tone or hair color this shade of pink just pops on you. Serenity on the other hand is that perfect shade of blue that is calming and beautiful. These colors make you feel good and are so inviting and happy!

Do you prefer Rose Quartz or Serenity? How will you incorporate Rose Quartz or Serenity into your wardrobe this year?

xo, Lara Sophia

wanderlust: Greece is the word



“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Traveling is a favorite pastime of mine. If you’ve never traveled, you’re missing out and HIGHLY suggest you get to it. This summer I’m going to be getting to visit Europe once again, and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to my friends who decided to get married in Greece, I’ll get to explore some beautiful new places.

Now that I’m in the middle of arranging my travel plans wanderlust has hit me hard. Currenlty I’m dreaming of clear skies and turquoise water. Can June hurry up and arrive already?!?!

While can’t be in Greece just yet, here are a few gorgeous photos that have me pining away for the days when I will be in Santorini.





Do you have any travel plans this summer? Where would you like to go most?

xo, Lara Sophia

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Snow Day = DIY spa day

snow day spa day DIY spa day

Snow days are the best days for doing…well nothing. This weekend I was snowed in and bundled up by the fire, so I thought it would be the perfect time to have a snow day spa day. Any excuse to pamper yourself is a good day in my book.

Whenever I have an at home spa day, I try to emulate an actual spa day as much as possible, which means heated towels, warm wash clothes, lush products, and an a quiet, peaceful environment.

My snow day spa day was all about focusing on skin and hair.

A good at home spa day should start off with a good cleanser, I’ve been dying to try First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser, and I recently picked it up so I figured it would the perfect time to give it a shot. FAB’s cleanser is light, foamy, and non-drying; it’s simple and efficient, no-frills skin care. It’s not exactly a life changing cleaner but it’s good enough to keep in my rotation.

After cleansing it’s all about sloughing off that dead skin, I have CRAZY dry skin so exfoliating is super important for me. I LOVE the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads because they aren’t super harsh and are gently enough for daily use which my skin needs in the winter.

I love to double up when it comes to masks; doing one mask is never enough! Right now I’m pretty obsessed with moisture masks as well as ANY sheet mask. During my snow day spa day I busted out Lush’s The Sacred Truth mask and Leader’s What Happened Last Night? sheet mask. The Scared Truth mask is full of yummy natural ingredients like Shea butter and papaya that leave your skin glowy and super soft while the What Happened Last Night? sheet mask revitalizes skin by using a full bottle of serum in each mask.

While my skin is busy getting gorgeous, I can’t forget about my hair. For the longest time I’ve treated my hair like utter crap; throwing it up in a bun every day has reeked havoc on my hair so lately I’ve been trying my best to treat it a little bit better. While perusing Ulta, I stumbled across Tony Moly’s Angel Ring Hair Mask which I’ve noticed several times but never picked up. This time, I caved and thought what the hell. This Korean mask is a two part mask; that’s supposed to help prevent hair damage and add shine. The mask helps thin, damaged hair by dousing it with nutrients that are locked in by the essence hair cap.

To seal the deal on any at home spa day it’s all about sealing in the moisture of your skin. Last winter First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream was my winter skin savior, and you can read all about that here. FAB’s Ultra Repair Cream is super hydrating without being heavy or sticky and I love it more than words.

P.S. If you’re dying to try First Aid Beauty’s skincare line pick up this beauty that is full of 3 generous miniature sized products! It’s totally worth it! :)

What are your favorite products for an at-home spa party?

xo, Lara Sophia

Currently Coveting {birthday edition}

currently coveting birthday

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“Tell ’em that it’s my birthday.”

In honor of my birthday, I thought I’d share some items that I’m currently coveting.

I’m that girl who celebrates her birthday for an entire month (yes I know it’s crazy and slightly annoying #sorrynotsorry) but today being my actually birthday makes it the most special day of my month long celebration.

While I’ve done plenty of celebrating already, I can’t wait to spend my day with the people closest to me!

Just for reference, I accept any of the three C’s as birthday gifts – Chanel, cupcakes, and champagne.

Bring on another year of being wiser and, even more, fabulous than ever!

xo, Lara Sophia

Five Ways To Become A Morning Person!

be a morning person

Let’s be honest, getting up super early sucks most of the time. Nothing’s worse than that dreadful moment when your alarm goes off, and you wish you could spend just five, ten, or fifteen more minutes in bed.

Becoming a morning person isn’t an easy task, but it is possible with the help of a few simple yet effective tricks.

Remember we all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce so let’s use them accordingly!

Here are five tips that will get you jumping out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button one more time!

 1. Create a strict sleep schedule and stick to it

Everyone has different sleep needs; evaluate how much sleep you need each night. Create a sleep schedule based on your sleep needs and make sure to stick with it. Experts say staying on plan is key and will leave you more well rested in the long run making it easier to get out of bed in the a.m.

2. Put away your phone (and turn off your TV for that matter)

Electronics have a sneaky way of being huge distractions that leave us wide awake at 2:00 am wondering why the heck we can’t fall asleep. Turn off the TV, put your phone on do not disturb and revel in the relaxation of being electronic free. The artificial light from electronic devices like your phone, tablet, and TV suppress the sleep-inducing hormone of melatonin making it much tougher for you to fall asleep.

3. Create a relaxing night routine and a revitalizing morning routine

Personally, I love routines, and while sleep is enticing after a long, exhausting day, I look forward to sleep the most when I can mentally prepare for how wonderful it will be. Create a routine that gets you relaxed and ready to crawl into bed and sleep. Your routine can be as easy as turning down your bed and spraying your sheets with some relaxing lavender mist.

Create a routine that will wake you up each morning. I love meditating in the morning it sets the tone for my day and makes me excited for what’s to come plus it gives me some “me time” before my day gets too hectic. Knowing I have extra time to spend on myself is an enticing reason to get up a little bit earlier.

4. Get cozy

To get a good nights sleep you need to have a comfortable, clean bed. Make it a goal to create a cozy, sleep inducing bed that even the Princess and the Pea would be jealous of. Make your bed more blissful by investing in new pillows, a good down comforter, a plush pillow-top mattress pad and a new mattress if needed. Most people are sleeping on mattresses that are well past their expiration date so make sure to give your mattress a thorough evaluation.

5. Bribe yourself

If nothing else will get you out of bed, earlier, do the smart thing and bribe yourself. Set goals and rewards for yourself. For example, if you meet your goal of waking up a half hour earlier, four days a week treat yourself to a manicure or a new lipstick. Giving yourself tangible rewards for your sacrifice makes it much easier to stick with a goal.

xo, Lara Sophia

the perfect no-fuss foundation

IT Cosmetics CC+ Illuminator

Foundation while fun can get a little tricky sometimes. Finding the right formulation, tools, and application process can turn out to be a hassle even for the most skilled makeup mavens.

Some foundations are easier than others when it comes knocking it out of the park and IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Illumination does just that.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better touts itself as a CC+ cream meaning it’s a color correcting foundation with illuminating properties.

This foundation offers a light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply. The results leave a lovely, dewy finish to the skin, but oily skinned girls beware you may need to add some finishing powder.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better is so no fuss that even the laziest and least makeup savvy ladies can apply it with ease. Personally, I LOVE applying this foundation with the IT Cosmetics Airbrush Complexion Perfection brush while my Beauty Blender comes in at close second, and my fingers are great as a last resort.

What’s your favorite no-fuss foundation?

xo, Lara Sophia

How To Incorporate Major Golden Globe Trends Into Your Wardrobe

deep neckline lyst Golden Globes Fashion Trends

Awards season is officially upon us. Memes are being created at lightning speed (we’re looking at you, Leo), and best-and-worst dressed lists are flooding the entertainment news streams. Pop culture and fashion lovers alike rejoice when awards season comes around, because not only are there always gossip-worthy happenings on and off the red carpet that beg for discussion, but what kind of person wouldn’t love lusting over the decadent gowns gracing celebrities’ frames?

Red carpet season is the ultimate time to draw inspiration from the fashion choices made by celebrities and their stylists. Every year, there always seems to be major trends that categorize many of the red carpet outfits. And since we didn’t get an invite to the Golden Globes this year (must’ve gotten lost in the mail, right?), we can at least take trend cues from the show.

Five of the major trends at the Globes this year were deep necklines, sequins, cut outs, capes, and all-white ensembles. And you can easily incorporate these looks into your own everyday wardrobe—no gown required! Here are my tips for adapting these trends to fit in with your everyday lifestyle.

1. Deep Neckline

A plunging V-neck will be perennially sexy. Seen on Olivia Wilde, Kirsten Dunst, Rumer Willis, and more in this slideshow, the extremely deep neckline reaching just above the belly button is a daring fashion move. To recreate it without looking too extreme, inch the plunge up a bit, and sport a hem hitting your knees. The small changes will make your dress more versatile.

2. Sequins

We all know by now that all that glitters isn’t gold, but there’s no harm in incorporating a little glitz into your wardrobe. A little less in-your-face than the sequined-all-over gowns Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth wore (pictured here), a top or dress with neckline embellishments is one simple way to glam up a casual look without going overboard.

3. Cut Outs

Some of the most gorgeous cut out gowns from the Globes were worn by Jennifer Lawrence and Giuliana Rancic, each peeking their sides, and in G’s case some abdominal action, too! With cut outs being generally trendy in the fashion world, it’s quite simple to take this trend into your own hands. For example you can simply head to this collection, type “cut out” in the search bar, and scroll through almost a thousand designs to choose from.

4. Capes

With Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lopez sporting the shoulder-grazing trend in white and yellow gowns (see photos 1 and 2 here), it’s hard to ignore the cape trend that’s taking the fashion scene by storm. You can easily bring a cape to your wardrobe with a cozy poncho style knit or with a structured cape coat option.

5. White All-Over

Perhaps it’s the recent resurgence of “winter white” that’s got everyone wanting to don the snow-colored hue. Take a look at Laverne Cox’s red carpet dress and JLo’s after-party gown, and you’ll see that white is most definitely having a moment.


Lara Sophia

Four Skincare Instagram Pages Worthy Of your time

skin care instagram

Hi, I’m Lara, and I’m addicted to skincare products.

Being a skincare junkie is a difficult task because when you’re not playing with products you’re reading about them and dying to know what products other people are obsessing about. It’s a bad habit.

Instagram is the best for peeking into fellow skincare-aholics routines and living out your skincare fantasies vicariously through them.

Oh, that $465 jar of La Mer that you can’t afford? No problem, just hashtag #LaMer and vicariously live through all the rich bitches who can afford it. See your skincare itch has been scratched!

In all seriousness, Instagram is one of my favorite places to check out new skincare products because you truly get to see REAL people using an array of products while learning great tips and tricks on using the products.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.17.14 PM

Liz’s page is LITERALLY TO DIE FOR! She has an insane amount of skincare products, does incredible rotations, and offers a step-by-step guide to her routines. Plus she’s super sweet and always answers questions :)


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.19.47 PM

You can’t talk about skincare without mentioning Caroline – she’s the Queen of skincare. I love that she’s a straight shooter and will be honest if a product is complete crap. I bow down to her and take her advice to heart.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.21.42 PM

Killer skincare products you can’t buy anywhere else in Philly + amazing facials. Rescue’s Instagram page is MUST because they do mini reviews and shout out other skincare obsessed ladies to follow!


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.37.48 PM

This page is the perfect mix of high and low skincare. Skin Obsessor uses a ton of amazing brands that are HUGE personal favorites of mine.

xo, Lara Sophia

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Golden Globes Best Dressed

It’s that time of year yet again when award season is upon us. The dresses, the glamour, the bling are all out full force as our favorite fashionistas sashay down the red carpet. There is nothing I love more than award season and all the fashion it brings us.

At the Golden Globes this year the red carpet was full of incredible fashion making it pretty darn hard to pick a favorite, but Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad tops the cake for me.

Here is my best-dressed list from the Golden Globes!


Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad


NBC's "73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals

Sophia Bush in Narciso Rodriquez


73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 10 Jan 2016

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Atelier Versace



Malin Akerman in Reem Acra



Laverne Cox in Elizabeth Kennedy


73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Lady Gaga in Versace



Kate Bosworth in Dolce & Gabbana



J.Law in Christian Dior



Jaimie Alexander in Genny



Jennifer Lopez in Giambattista Valli



Emmy Rossum in Armani Prive


Which look is your favorite?

xo, Lara Sophia

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Confessions Of A Lip Liner Virgin

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.53.01 PM

Dear Kylie Jenner and all you lip liner Goddesses out there,

How do you do it? How do you get your lips over lined to perfection making it seem like you were born with a plump, Angelina Jolie esq. pout? Tell me how because I want in on the secret!

I’ve owned lip liner, played with lip liner but never have I ventured to wear it outside of my bedroom. When I think of lip liner, I think of the lip liner of my childhood. The 90’s were a scary place for lip liner; it was dark, it was poorly done, and it was so obvious you thought it was a mistake. I fondly remember taking my mother’s dark brown almost black eyeliner and attempting to use it as lip liner because that had to be how the look was achieved.

Lip liner left my life for some years, and I never missed it. Like a bad trend of decades past, lip liner faded into obscurity but now it’s back and my twenty-something self is just as confused as I was when I was nine years old.

I constantly wonder why I can’t seem to master lip liner. Why does Kylie Jenner and every other girl on Instagram look like they have a perfect pout while I look like I drew all over my lips with a crayon and forget to stay in the lines?

So here I am begging, pleading with all you lip liner goddesses out there – help girl out and teach me how to perfectly line my lips!


“Longing to line her lips”

aka Lara

{image via Instagram}